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There are times in life, for each of us, when it all just feels too much. When the idea of getting up and facing another day seems so exhausting, so overwhelming that we just want the world to stop. These times – whether they come with stress, sadness, fear or loss – can hit us hard and finding a way through them, or coming to some kind of peace about them can seem impossible.

Perhaps, as you read these words, you recognise how they apply to you.

It might be down to the events that are surrounding you – changes in your relationships, work life or daily routine that have sideswiped you and left you reeling. It may be a growing sensation that you just don’t feel ‘right’; that somehow, along the way, you’ve lost your direction or sense of self. Perhaps you feel as though the pressures you face are becoming overwhelming and your ability to cope is being stretched to its limit. Or maybe it’s nothing you can put your finger on exactly – no major incident, no trying times – just flatness. The sense that life has lost its colour and everything is bland, pointless or very distant.

It’s at these points in life, when dealing with the strain alone or with people that you know just doesn’t cut it. When none of your tried and tested techniques seem to work and that internal struggle continues to deepen.

Counselling may well provide the kind of support you’re looking for. A safe, confidential space in which to explore your thoughts and feelings, make some sense of them and find a way to make life feel more rewarding again.

For more information on the counselling process and how it works, click here.



Find out more information on the counselling process and how it works.



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