The Internal Critic


Everyone has an internal voice, commenting on our daily thoughts and actions, offering opinions on what we do, think and feel. This is a normal part of the human condition, but the nature of that voice can seriously affect our capacity for happiness. In too many cases that voice can be overly harsh and unforgiving, criticising at every turn and making unreasonable demands.

This article from the Wellness section of U.S. News considers the tone of our internal voice, offering explanations as to why it can so often be our worst critic – and perhaps more importantly, what we can do to alter and lessen its impact. (Just ignore the bloody great advert instructing you to lose weight alongside it!)

There are many self-help suggestions for dealing with your internal critic, but if it's tending to drown out all your other thoughts, you might want to consider counselling. If you live in the Swindon area, feel free to contact Alex O'Donnell for a free initial consultation.